Corporate Lessons

In EspañolPlus, Español lessons are entirely customizable to your needs and learning style. Therefore, your classes are adapted to your specific requirements and starting level.
Corporate courses are for business, cultural context, traveling, and much more. 

In business, learning another language means learning the abilities and competencies of communication and the various manners and customs.

Additional Information

As a business tutor of Español, I have worked directly with global companies as Exxon and Technip (FMC), Kinder Morgan, and smaller companies, on Houston, US. Always adjusting to the traveling schedule, and time differences, of the Sales and Marketing employees, and to the always changing agendas at the Management – Executive level.

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Classes One to one!

2 classes
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$ 35 P/Class
  • Online Class
  • 60 min - Lesson
10 classes
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$ 30 P/Class
  • Online Class
  • 60 min - Lesson

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Translation Services

Translation services tailored to reach your audience in “Español,” in the US and Latin America market.
Language pairs:
  • English to Español
  • Portuguese to Español

Test Preparation

EspañolPlus is a member of ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and provides instruction for any US-based test preparation or US-based courses, Spanish lessons for all school levels and needs.

I will help you to take your Spanish to the next level.