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Hello, I am Alilis

founder and CEO of EspañolPlus


You will learn Spanish, guaranteed!

I am a native speaker, and I love to talk and interact in Español at work, in my community, and with my family because I know how important it is these days to communicate in other languages for personal, professional, and spiritual development. 

I spent my childhood, adolescence, and early college years in Venezuela; later on, I moved to the US and lived a few years in Brazil; my direct family is originally from Spain, so I have constantly been exposed to all kinds of accents in the Americas and Spain. As a result, I love my heritage and background, and I know widely about all the cultural contexts of the diverse Español speaking countries. 


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Certified Teacher & College Instructor

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More About

I am a professional with significant experience and expertise in foreign language education or second language acquisition (SLA).

I can say I am a professional linguist: I have been an international educator, teacher (public and private schools), tutor, translator, interpreter, proofreader, reviewer, transcriber, and lately, voice-over!

I studied Modern Languages at DePaul University in Chicago, IL, and have an MA degree in Spanish Linguistics from Sam Houston State University, TX. I also took Portuguese proficiency tests during my time in Brazil, adding that language to my portfolio.

I will help you to take your Spanish to the next level.


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