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¡Hola! We are in the digital era; thus, we are more connected than ever! That’s why it is essential to learn “Español,” the second most spoken language. 

So, as you are reading this, you have an interest in learning “Español,” the language that will open doors to endless professional and personal enriching opportunities.

Are you looking for an experienced tutor or translation services? Then, get a professional service with a native and experienced professional instructor! 

Do you feel frustrated because you don’t know how to practice or achieve your desired fluency level? Are you tired of looking for a professional and reliable tutor in a relaxed, fun, and interactive atmosphere?


Translation services tailored to reach your audience in “Español,” in the US and Latin America market.
Language pairs:

  • English to Español
  • Portuguese to Español

Test Preparation

EspañolPlus is a member of ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and provides instruction for any US-based test preparation or US-based courses, Spanish lessons for all school levels and needs.

Corporate Lessons

In EspañolPlus, Español lessons are entirely customizable to your needs and learning style. Therefore, your classes are adapted to your specific requirements and starting level.

Corporate courses are for business, cultural context, traveling, and much more.

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frequently asked questions

During a 20-minute trial session, you will have a chance to share your needs and expectations and be comfortable with our teaching methods and how they can be tailored based on your level, learning style, and interests.

No, because each lesson is tailored to students’ needs and learning styles, there is no need to buy materials. The tutor might recommend extra resources and tools, but it is completely up to students to get them.

Homework is encouraged but not mandatory. EspañolPlus customizes students’ busy lives, so it is up to them to work on and define the volume of assignments.

Of course, you can! I will reply promptly.

Follow this link and fill the form. I will confirm and reply with specifics of your first class.  

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Classes One to one!

2 classes
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$ 35 P/Class
  • Online Class
  • 60 min - Lesson
10 classes
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$ 30 P/Class
  • Online Class
  • 60 min - Lesson


Want to know more? Try a 20-minute lesson. Please complete this form and get ready for your first lesson. You will get a message right away to confirm booking. 

We use Zoom, Skype, Meet or Google Hangout, any platform convenient for you or you feel more familiar with.

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I will help you to take your Spanish to the next level.